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FlagNeutral.png Owl Dungeon

Owl Dungeon is a dungeon style map, composed by 4 different areas, where you need to perform 13 different tasks to complete the dungeon, all this in 45 minutes time limit. The Entry to this Dungeon is in Cape Dragon Fire at the Ghost Owl.

Achtung.png Requirements

- Can only enter while in group
- Only the leader of the group can request entry.
- Whole group is teleported in.
- The minimum level to enter the dungeon is 103.
- Every group member need one passage ticket.
- No cant rejoin this dungeon after leaving.
- The cooldown for this dungeon is 3 hours.
- Recommended for 2-3 Players.
- A minimum of 50% Wind defense are recommended!


  • Passage Ticket2.png

  • Stage 1:

Phase 1: Talk to the Ghost Owl. Kill all Owls and drop the Key. Drag the Key to the Owl totem.

Phase 2: Kill all Owls and drop the Key. Drag the Key to the Owl totem and talk to the Ghost Owl.

  • Stage 2:

Phase 1: Talk to the Ghost Owl. You have 2 minutes time to kill the Owl Metinstone.

Phase 2: Kill the Wave of Owls. after killing the first wave there will spawn a second stronger wave of owls. kill them all.

Phase 3: Kill all Metinstones.

  • Stage 3:

Phase 1: Talk to the Ghost Owl and find Lira.

Phase 2: Kill all Owls and Metinstones and drop the Owl Jewel.

Phase 3: Kill Suran and get his Blood. After this you need to find the Owl Feather at the corner of this Stage.

Phase 4: The group leader have to give the Ghost Owl all three Ingredients to craft a Healing potion. Drag the Healing Potion to Lira.

  • Stage 4:

Phase 1: Destroy all four Ru-Taig Statue's in a time limit of 3 minutes.

Phase 2: Kill all Owls.

Phase 3: Kill both Suran's to conjure the End Boss.

Phase 4: Defeat the boss Ru-Taig. After killing him your group got teleport out of the dungeon in 2 minutes.

Interactive Map

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Ore Veins

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas

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Adjacent areas
Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Teleporter