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How to fish for Metin2 International?

You get a fishing rod from Fischer for 5,000 Yang. For this you should still as bait ( worms or Paste) grow. Now you pull the fishing rod, make a right click on a bait, and press the space bar, or you can right-click on the fishing icon. As soon as a fish takes a bite, a 30px "Catch-Bladder" appears above the character and after 2-3 seconds you should move the fishing rod (Spacebar).

The herbs

Pic Item effect Time
Gegrillter Zander.png Grilled zander Gives you 12 Intellect. 30 minutes.
Gegrillter großer Zander.png Grilled big zander Gives you 12 Strength. 30 minutes.
Gegrillter Graskarpfen.png Grilled grass carp Gives you +20 Attack Speed. 30 minutes.
Gegrillte Flussforelle.png Grilled river trout Gives you 20% chance to drop a double amount of items 30 minutes.
Gegrillter Ayu.png Grilled Ayu Gives you 20% chance to drop a double amount of Yang 30 minutes.
Gegrillte Rotfeder.png Grilled rudd spring Gives you Strong against monsters 10%. 30 minutes.
Gegrillter Lotusfisch.png Grilled lotus fish Gives you 20% Strong to Hell 30 minutes.
Gegrillte Schmerle.png Grilled loaches Gives you 20% Strong against Undead. 30 minutes.
Gegrillter Tenchi.png Grilled Tenchi Gives you 20% Strong against Grilled Orcs. 30 minutes.
Gegrillte Regenbogenforelle.png Grilled rainbow trout Gives you 10% Strong against Halfheart. 30 minutes.