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Costume System

We created a new System for our Costumes. You can buy 30-Days Costumes and Hairstyles in Itemshop. Ingame you have the Chance to drop a Costume Chest.png Costume Chest from all Dungeon boss monsters. This Costume Chest includes 15-Days and 30-Days Costumes and Hairstyles.

All versions of costumes and hairstyles

  • Here you can see a list of all versions of costumes and hairstyles.
Image Version Description
15Day.PNG 15 Days Version This costume is only for wearing. The name '[15.D]' tells you that is the 15 Days version.
30Day.PNG 30 Days Version This costume you can craft into the permanent version. The name '[30.D]' tells you that is the 15 Days version.
Perma.PNG Permament Version This costume is permanent but if you want you can add a lightning shining to them. The name '+' tells you that is the permanent version.
Blitz.PNG Permanent Version with Shining This costume is with lightning shining. The name '~' tells you that is the permanent version with shining.

What costumes we're representing

  • Here you can see a list of all Costumes that we are representing.
Icon Name Male Name Female
Azrael's Armour.png Azrael's Armour(M) Azrael's Armour(F)
Cobra Outfit.png Cobra Outfit(M) Cobra Outfit(F)
Halloween Costume (1).png Pumpkin-Suit Pumpkin-Dress
Pumpkin Jack Costume (1).png Jack Pumpkin-Suit Jack Pumpkin-Dress
Musketeer Costume.pngMaid Uniform.png Musketeer Costume Maid Uniform
Gentleman's Suit.pngCocktail Dress.png Gentleman's Suit Cocktail Dress
Salsa Suit.pngSalsa Dress.png Salsa Suit Salsa Dress
Warlock's&Witch Costume (1).png Wizard Suit Witch Dress
Blood Vampire (Grey).pngBlood Lamia (Grey).png Grey Vampire(M) Grey Vampire(F)
Blood Vampire (Red).pngBlood Lamia (Red).png Red Vampire(M) Red Vampire(F)
Desert Warrior.png Desert Warrior(M) Desert Warrior(F)
Desert Warrior (Black).png Desert Warrior(bl.)(M) Desert Warrior(bl.)(F)
MondsternMann.pngMondsternFrau.png Moonstar Uniform(M) Moonstar Uniform(F)
Samurai Armour (Blue)M.pngSamurai Armour (Blue)F.png Samurai Blue(M) Samurai Blue(F)
Samurai Armour (Red)M.pngSamurai Armour (Red)F.png Samurai Red(M) Samurai Red(F)
Fanged Costume (Silver).png Silver Fanged Costume(M) Silver Fanged Costume(F)
Fanged Costume (Gold) (1).png Golden Fanged Costume(M) Golden Fanged Costume(F)
Steampunk-Uniform (rot).pngSteampunk-Kleid (rot).png Steampunk Red(M) Steampunk Red(F)
Steampunk-Uniform (sw).pngSteampunk-Kleid (sw).png Steampunk Black(M) Steampunk Black(F)
Harness of Horror (Gold)M.pngHarness of Horror (Gold)F.png Razador-Armour(M) Razador-Armour(F)
Harness of Horror (Blue)M.pngHarness of Horror (Blue)F.png Nemere-Armour(M) Nemere-Armour(F)

What hairstyles we're representing

  • Here you can see a list of all Hairstyles that we are representing.
Icon Name Male Name Female Unisex
Horns of Horror (Gold)M.png Razadors Helmet(M) Razadors Helmet(F) No
Horns of Horror (Blue)M.png Nemeres Helmet(M) Nemeres Helmet(F) No
Blood Lamia Helm (Grey).png Grey Vampire-Helmet(M) Grey Vampire-Helmet(F) No
Blood Lamia Helm (Red).png Red Vampire-Helmet(M) Red Vampire-Helmet(F) No
Tengu Mask+.png Tengu-Helmet Tengu-Helmet Yes
Azrael's Helmet.png Azrael's Helmet(M) Azrael's Helmet(F) No
Witch's Hat.png Witch's Hat Witch's Hat Yes
Snow Leopard Hat.png Snow Leopard Hat Snow Leopard Hat Yes
Polar Bear Hat.png Polar Bear Hat Polar Bear Hat Yes
Snow Rabbit Hat.png Snow Rabbit Hat Snow Rabbit Hat Yes
Maya Mask+.png Maya-Mask Maya-Mask Yes
Kifwebe.png Kifwebe-Mask Kifwebe-Mask Yes
Bogart Fedora.png Bogart Fedora - No
Salsa Bun.png - Salsa Bun No
Mini Mohawk.png Mini Mohawk - No
Dreadlocks.png Dreadlocks - No
Cobra Hairstyle.png Cobra Hairstyle(M) Cobra Hairstyle(F) No
Samurai Bun (Gold)M.pngSamurai Bun (Gold)F.png Golden Knot(M) Golden Knot(F) No
Samurai Bun (Silver)M.pngSamurai Bun (Silver)F.png Silver Knot(M) Silver Knot(F) No
Mondsterntyp.pngMondsternweib.png Moonstar Hairstyle(M) Moonstar Hairstyle(F) No
Musketeer Hairstyle.png Musketeer Hairstyle - No
Maid Bonnet.png - Maid Bonnet No
Fanged Helmet (Gold).png Golden Fanged-Helmet(M) Golden Fanged-Helmet(F) No
Fanged Helmet (Silver).png Silver Fanged-Helmet(M) Silver Fanged-Helmet(F) No
Steampunk-Zylinder (rot) (m) icon.png Red Steampunk-Cylinder(M) Red Steampunk-Cylinder(F) No
Steampunk-Zylinder (sw) (m) icon.png Black Steampunk-Cylinder(M) Black Steampunk-Cylinder(F) No

What weapon costumes we're representing

Icon Name Type
Diamantstein.png Dragon Sword Sword

How to get the 30-Day costume into a permanent costume

  • You have to farm a lot of rare items to craft the costume permanent.
  • At this NPCs you can craft your permanent costume and hairstyle.
Haare craft.PNGKostüm craft.PNG
  • A list of all crafting items:
Icon Item Name Origin
Tongsoftime.png Tongs of Time Itemshop
Schwarzemagie.png Black Magic Azrael
Dämonenstaub.png Demonic Dust Blue Death
Drachenamulett.png Amulet of the Dragon Beran Setaou
Feuerblume.png Flower of Fire Razador
Tinktur.png Tincture of Frost Nemere
Windstone.png Stone of Wind Osiris

How to get the lightning shining

  • You have to farm a lot of rare items to craft the shining to your costume.
  • At this NPC you can add the shining to your permanent costume.
Blitztyp.PNG -> Razablitz.gif
Blitze craft.PNG
  • A list of all crafting items:
Icon Item Name Origin
Schmuckstück.png Diamond of Lightning King Wubba & God of Lemures
Nähgarn.png Thread Spider King
Mithril.png Mithril All boss monsters from Map Lv90 and Lv100
Kalkstein.png Limestone All boss monsters from Map Lv100

Bonusses for costumes and hairstyles

Bonus' Minimal Maximal
HP 500 1500
Casting speed 10 20
Chance of critical/pierce hit 5 10
attack value 20 30
Strong against monsters 3 5
Defences (Earth, Ice, Fire etc) 5 5
Chance to absorb PH 5 10
Chance Yang Drop/Item Drop 10 20
Chance Exp Bonus 10 10